Welcome to the Mindful Meringue!

Hi! My name is Sofia. I am a psychiatry resident and I love to bake.

Baking calms me in stressful times, grounds me when I’m feeling overwhelmed, and energizes me when I’m feeling creative!

From an early age, I was surrounded by my mother’s delicious homemade carrot cakes/loafs/breads and was curious to learn how I too could bake tasty desserts to share with my family and friends!  I started by making a birthday cake for my brother, cupcakes for special occasions, and even began testing my hand at cake decorating with my best friend.

Life can be stressful, baking doesn’t have to be!

Baking serves as my calm place amidst all of life’s craziness. No matter the life stressor – there has always been a recipe that has gotten me through it! I use my free time outside of the hospital to experiment with new recipes to create delicious desserts inspired by all of my favourite things! I hope these recipes do the same for you.

Now, baking isn’t always completely stress-free when you are just starting out.

Please don’t worry! At the bottom of each recipe on this blog, you will also see “Sofia’s Tips” – tricks that I have learned through trial and error to help you feel more confident while baking!

I can’t wait for you to come join me in my stress-free kitchen!

I would also like you to meet Derek!

Derek is a firefighter by day/night while also serving as my trusted taste tester, photographer, and web designer! Together, we have begun this blog as a means of sharing our favourite recipes with those we love.

Derek and I currently live in Toronto with our lovely kitten companion, Zoey, and love exploring the city one bakery at a time! We can’t wait to have you join us in the kitchen. I hope these recipes bring you as much joy as they did for me to make!

Getting straight to the recipe!

I must admit that I am the impatient kind of food blog reader who prefers to get directly to the recipe and skip most of the blogging fluff! I also find it helpful when trying out a new recipe for the first time to see some step-by-step photos to guide me along in my baking! For all of these reasons, you will notice that my recipes on this blog go quickly to the step-by-step baking instructions, with the full recipe details at the bottom of each page.

Stay Tuned!

Making one recipe often gives you some of the ingredients for another recipe. Stay tuned for more staple/basic recipes that will help you find mindful ways of using excess materials! Always remember, there are no forgotten egg whites in this kitchen! When life gives you egg whites, make meringues ☺ 



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